November 16, 2011

French cafe chairs and a dining room dilemma

I have a bit of a problem with our dining room. Several actually. First, I am struggling to inject some character. Second, I jumped in too early and bought 'safe' linen upholstered dining chairs that now seem a bit 'bluh'. Belly the Ragdoll has used all eight dining chairs as a scratching pole and they haven't held up too well. And Mum has very kindly offered to make new slipcovers, but the fabric alone will cost almost as much as the chairs did ...deep breath...

I might have found a solution. Trawling decorpad for inspiration I started noticing french cafe chairs popping up everywhere. And better yet, they were mixed in with all sorts of other chairs. Before too long, I had the beginnings of a plan...

all images via decorpad

The image up the top captures it. I'm thinking of having four of our existing chairs slip-covered in white linen - use two at the heads of the table and one on each side of the buffet. Then use six pale / natural oak cafe chairs to provide the bulk of the seating. A bit more character, less reupholstering, and less risk from Belly the Cat's claws.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Can I work a french cafe chair into our 'modern Australian country' design concept?



  1. Love all the images... your idea would absolutely work! We have two ghost chairs at either end of our kitchen table and the others are all shabby white ones... love a mixed up look. gxo

  2. That will definitely work B! I especially love those Brentwood chairs in the last image. Hope you're having a great week :)

    Abbey x

  3. Yes yes yes! Sounds amazing! I am all for injecting a bit of character by mixing and matching colours and furniture styles. Who wants boring sets anyways? Photos please!!!

  4. You absolutely can! I have four in my place and not only do they look good they're also comfortable!! Go for it!

  5. Mixing the French cafe chairs with your existing ones is a great idea. Love your inspirations, so pleasing to the eye.

  6. Sounds like a great solution to me!

  7. This post made me laugh as I bought 12 of the same chairs as you and I have been thinking they are bland too. I want to change them up for Eames DSW chairs but trying to think of a way to make them work. :)


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