November 11, 2013

Before and After... Entrance

Entrance 'before'
Our new entrance needed to do several things. It needed to welcome guests, set the tone for the design of the home, and create an impression of generous space (to disguise our homes' actual, very modest, proportions). Come on in...

Entrance 'after'

To the right of the entrance (and immediately next to the front door) I hung three antique newspaper sketches of prize winning cows from the late 19th century... 

Our centrepiece is an antique farmers' workbench (our best loved piece), with custom arch mirror above, bone inlay boxes, marble pear in a cloche, and a hand carved sandstone lotus bowl we bought in India...

To the far right of the entrance hangs an abstract we commissioned in Thailand, with demi lune bench below...

 We're delighted with how this space has come together, and I can't wait to show you the rest of the house! Until then...


  1. oh you are GOOD!
    love the changes and admire your skill at assembling and displaying your furniture and accessories. plus being a fellow corgi owner i know you 'have it', in spades!

  2. WOW! What an amazing entrance! And love the abstract you had commissioned in Thailand. Do you mind me where you got the inspiration from? I'd love to get something similar made, but not sure how to "describe" what I want without showing them a few options...

  3. Thank you B! The abstract was inspired by a Michelle Armas painting. If you are looking to have something done, I'd recommend taking a picture to show what you want - we found you get better results that way.

  4. Looks simply gorgeous!! Well done. Paula

  5. Looks fab B! How are you going at getting fellow farm folk to use to front entrance!? - N.x


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